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Panning Rules

1. Try to specify the beginning and end frames of your panning before you start recording. Stay on the beginning frame for a few seconds, then start your pan. Your panning duration should be at least 7 seconds until the end frame. Stay on the end frame for a few seconds, then stop recording. This process gives you a pleasant result. You also have the ability to cut the beginning and end frames to the desired length or leave it as it is.
2. For better results, do not pan more than 180 degrees. If you really need to pan more than 180 degrees, increase the 7 second timing, proportional to the degree. For example, for 270 degrees, the length should be around 11 seconds.
3. You can pan fast if only the beginning and end frames are important, and not anything in between. When you pan fast, the camcorder does not have enough time to focus and stabilize the frames between beginning and end frames, and they look blurry. You will need more practice for fast pans.
Fast Pan
4. Tripods and monopods can give you better results in panning, however, you can improve hand movement if you practice and try to reduce the shakiness by moving the camcorder smoothly.